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3-day Workshops

October 14 - 16

Pam Bartlett - Fur, Feathers, Fin and Fleece - FULL

PamBartlettRyan.jpgThis workshop will focus on not only how to make your animals come alive, but how to see the power and to capture the nature of the beast. How its muscles move, how the light hits its coat, the shine in the eyes and the beauty of the beast. Pam believes that we are all connected and creative and that if we can let go of our "perceived" creative abilities, or lack of them, then we can really soar.

For this workshop, students will be given specific homework to do before class, everyone is welcome to use their own design, a commercial design or Pam can create one for you. There will be discussion on how to look at different textures and dyed wools and other fibers to see what creature is hiding in them. Pam finds that by using various fibers, textured and dyed wools in multiple cuts of wool, really brings your design to life, finding the lights and shadows that will help to emphasize muscle, texture and movement whether it is a bird in flight or a portrait of your favorite pet.

A self-taught artist, Pam continues to challenge herself by working with other teachers and being inspired by her students. She encourages her students to enhance their skills by thinking out of their comfort zone in whatever they are drawn to hook, by not just looking at an image and copying it, but by feeling the life and power of the image they want to create.

Pam is a certified Pearl McGown rug hooking teacher, and has completed the teacher training program with the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia. She is a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and has been awarded two Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grants from the New Hampshire State Council on Arts to teach aspiring apprentices. Pam teaches at schools and workshops in the U.S. and Canada.


Robin Blakney-Carlson - Compositions in Felt-making - FULL

blakney-carlsonartfelt.JPGFelt is a wonderfully adaptable medium to work in. With a foundation of felting skills and knowledge of materials there are no limits! I was inspired by the subtle shading and beautiful compositions of my mother's hooked rugs as a child. I draw upon those memories in my own felt-work today.

This workshop is for felt makers from beginner to advanced, interested in exploring techniques for creating art in the medium of felt. Not photographic interpretations of subject matter, but compositions born of imagination, and expressed through the tactile process of felt-making - yielding works rich in texture and color. The fun in this workshop is exploration, and leaving yourself open to endless possibilities. There is always a joyful element of surprise in felt-making!

I am intrigued with utilizing variations of methods and materials to affect the shape and surface of my felt-work. I love the subtleties in color and texture that grow out of such manipulating and melding during the felting process. I find that I work intuitively, but I am mindful of the considering the elements of a successful composition. There will be an emphasis on surface design and techniques to create texture in this workshop.

Participants in this workshop will begin by felting samples using various materials and techniques, and then further develop what they have learned to create an art felt composition. The materials fee is $75 for the three day session which will include a generous amount of assorted wool fibers, fabrics and and exotic fibers (various forms silk fibers, linen, hemp, angora locks, wool locks, banana fiber, nepps, etc) for each student to use in class and/or take home unused portions. I also provide beads, palliettes, embroidery threads and needles: all equipment and supplies. As studios are open late, students have an opportunity to make additional pieces.

There will be additional materials available for purchase- hand dyed wool and fabrics, embellishments.


We will explore various methods of affecting the surface through fiber manipulation and choice of materials. Day one will be spent sampling various techniques. Day two will focus on felting the composition. Day three will be spent developing the final composition through adding hand stitching, embroidery and embellishing elements like beading, palliettes or fabric.

This workshop combines my interest in felt-making and fine art. A former career in the museum world informs my work as a fiber artist. For the past five years my felt-work has evolved to a focus on visual art.

Robin works with felt as her primary medium. She studied fine arts at California College of the Arts and Crafts, Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art, and with numerous master-felt-makers. Her work has been represented in exhibitions and galleries throughout New York and New England.

"My work is influenced by the shifting character of life and seemingly mundane patterns that surround us. I am fascinated by the nature of surfaces as they transform over time.

When I am felting, I find my sense of balance. I manipulate multiple layers of wool, silk and textile fragments with my hands, soap and water to create the foundation of my compositions. It's a very tactile, meditative process."

Robin owns Luckystone Feltworks Studio in the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, New York. She has taught felt-making throughout the US and Australia. She is an active member of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild and Surface Design Association. Her website is: www.luckystonestudio.com


Janet Conner - Bring Your Travel Photo to Life

ConnerJanetAlhambraofGranadaSpaincopy.jpgWhether it is a cozy beach cottage, a beautiful garden, a castle in Europe, a frosty margarita under a palm tree, or a beautiful painting from a museum visit---the images from our travel experiences will always resonate. Why not choose one of your favorites and create a unique rug? We can work in any size, any cut, any style--adding texture and dimension if desired-- using our limitless medium of rug hooking.

Janet will help you, whatever your goals. If you choose a portrait, scenic landscape, fine art or architectural photo from one of your trips--anything!!! -- She will be sure to bring appropriate books and visuals, and coach you to achieve the look you want. Janet's request is that you will contact her as soon as you register for her class, so that she can provide individualized preparation in terms of drawing a pattern for you, and dyeing the major colors you may need. Of course you are welcome to design your own, and bring wool from your own stash. You will want your favorite hook, frame and cutter or good scissors, but the most important requirement is to be open to the challenge of rug hooking experimentation, and willing to share your best travel stories and experiences!!

Janet is an avid rug hooker who loves ethnic and historical themes in her artwork. Most of her designs are inspired by classic American Folk Art, but recently she has been exploring various themes in International art history. Her classes are always student focused, and richly illustrated with visual sources, posters, and prints. In a lighthearted 'party' atmosphere, students achieve incredible visual effects in their hooking while enriching their knowledge of art history. Janet's greatest joy comes in teaching! Her website is: www.jconnerhookedrugs.com


Gail Dufresne - Fearless Dyeing - ONLY 2 OPENINGS!


Take the fear out of dyeing! This, hands on class will begin with the basics, sharing surefire steps that, if followed, will result in perfect dyeing. All manner of dye techniques will be discussed and demonstrated, including dyeing wool and silk with and without chemicals. We will cover techniques such as bleeding and marbleizing, dyeing swatches, dip dyes, over dyes, casserole dyes, hand painted dyes as well as the advantages and disadvantages of crock pot dyeing, presto cooker dyeing, pan dyeing. Basic color theory will be discussed and the student will learn how to dye by eye, from photos or fabric, using just the primary colors and solution bottles. We will discuss ways the dyed wool can be applied to our work, and hook if time allows. What we actually cover will be somewhat determined by the desires of the individual students in the class.

Gail has been making rugs for over 30 years. Her work has been featured in countless fiber art shows and contests. She wrote the book Geometric Hooked Rugs, published by Rug Hooking Magazine, in 2010. She teaches at camps and private workshops around the world, and is the President of ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists). She rarely hooks anything "flat" anymore but prefers three dimensional works, using all sorts of materials and techniques to achieve her desired effect. Her current passion is Sari silk, a fiber that is naturally suited to pair up with wool. She believes that rug hooking should be fun, creative, and inspirational

Her web site is: www.goathilldesigns.com.


Louise Kulp - Contemporary Themes in Punch Needle Rug Hooking: Collage Effects - CANCELLED


Skill level: All levels

Join Louise as she leads students in this inspiring workshop. Each participant will create a small wall hanging (or table mat or pillow top...) while learning how a "collage"* of alternative materials and innovative techniques can add a contemporary aesthetic to the storied textile tradition of punch needle rug hooking. Students will also be encouraged to think about the layering and assemblage characteristics of collage as they design their pieces. (We'll do some paper collage exercises first to loosen up our design minds!)

This workshop welcomes all skills levels: virgin punchers will learn about the materials, tools, and techniques that make punch needle so distinctive a practice, while veterans will have the opportunity to realize undiscovered possibilities. Plenty of examples will be available to spark everyone's creativity, and Louise is always ready with plenty of color and design guidance.

In College Effects, Louise's teaching will emphasize adding depth, and texture to the hooked surface through innovations such as sculpting and using specialty fibers. Her recent experiments with adapting the visual vocabulary of traditional rug hooking-scrolls and fine shading, for example-to punch needle rug hooking (always with a contemporary twist!) also will be incorporated.

Come join Louise and create a colorful collage of materials, techniques, and innovation that will increase your punching repertoire exponentially!

*col-lage (noun). A combination or collection of various things.

Louise holds a master's degree in Art Education with a studio concentration in Fibers from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. A teaching artist since 2006, she is passionate about passing the art of rug hooking on to students of all ages. Louise has been on the faculty of Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, VT, since 2010. She also teaches at the Pennsylvania Guild Center of American Craft and regularly volunteers her time in non-profit organizations by introducing the joy of rug hooking to young artists, from second graders in the South Bronx to 4-H youth in Lancaster County, PA. Louise's work has been exhibited at the Shelburne Museum and published in the series of books, Hooked Rugs Today, by Amy Oxford. In 2011 she became the first individual to achieve Advanced Certification in punch needle rug hooking from The Oxford Company. Louise is the proprietor of Eden Village Rugs, a small business that produces a line of skill-building kits to encourage punch needle rug hookers' talents to flourish! Website: www.edenvillagerugs.com


Anne-Marie Littenberg - Styling That Rug To Make It Your Own -  NOW 1 OPENING!

Waiting.jpgWhat is your favorite style of rug hooking? Do you have a personal style, or do you explore different possibilities with each new rug? If you hook patterns, do you try to emulate the style of the designer, or do you try to make it your own? Since we're talking about it, just what is style in rug hooking? Do you want to develop your own personal, identifiable style?

We are going to cover so much ground when we gather in 2014, and I look forward to your being part of that journey. We will look at different styles of hooking (primitive, fine, mixed media, etc.) We will also look at different styles of art (for example, abstraction, photorealism, and impressionism, to name a few.) What style best suits the idiom you choose for the design you wish to work on (landscape, portraiture, still life, etc.)? And of course, we will explore all of this within the context of rug hooking.

Whether you are working on a landscape, cityscape, portrait, or abstract, this class will provide a wealth of new information to help with your composition and execution. Color, design, and tips and tricks for achieving perspective and lighting effects will all be part of the curriculum. What is too much design? What is too little? How is style related to your subject? We will be sure to spend time on the concept of editing our work.

Traditional and punch needle rug hookers are all welcome. As long as you know how to pull or push your loops, feel free to join us. Bring a blank piece of backing and start from scratch. Or, bring a pattern and let's get to work! You can even bring work that is already underway; the choice is yours!

Anne-Marie says, "I often hear from rug hookers that they feel they aren't 'good enough' or 'experienced enough' to take one of my classes. I don't know how that concept got started, but some of the best work to ever come out of my classes has been from people who are either fairly new to rug hooking, or brand new to creating their own designs (rather than using someone else's patterns). I do not teach the basics of rug hooking; I do assume that you will know how to prepare your backing and work your tools and strips. If you can do that, you will do great in my class!"

Anne-Marie is a frequent contributor to Rug Hooking Magazine, the author of Hooked Rug Landscapes and Hooked Rug Portraits. Anne-Marie is frequently named "viewer's choice" winner at the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild's "Hooked in the Mountains" exhibits. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Sauder Village Award. She has taught throughout the United States, made videos for HGTV, and participated in a number of exhibits including "The Art of Playing Cards" and "Stripes." During 2011--2012, her work was included in an exhibit of contemporary hooked rugs at the Farnsworth Museum in Portland, Maine. If you are trying to decide whether to take this class and wish to ask Anne-Marie questions to help you make up your mind, please email her at: amwlittenberg@comcast.net


Roslyn Logsdon - People and Places

logsdonroslynWindowSaumur.jpgIn this workshop, students may work with many types of images that deal with people and/or places. One method to find ideas is to look through your family album filled with treasures. If that doesn't work, go out with your camera and take pictures of things that interest you. Go to a museum and see which paintings catch your eye. Not that you are going to copy any of them but they may get your creative juices flowing. As always, we try to capture the essence of the image with loops of color. Students may bring their own pattern or I will draw one from the student's photo.

Roslyn has for many years taught classes and master workshops in rug hooking. She has exhibited throughout the United States and Canada, and her work has been shown in Japan and Turkey. Her fiber wall hangings have appeared in many publications about rug hooking and fiber art. In 1998, she wrote a book about her life and art titled People and Places: Roslyn Logsdon's Imagery in Fiber. Her website is: www.roslynlogsdon.net


Carrie Martin - One Rug, Two Rug

MartinCarriegeometric.jpgRug hooking to me is the ultimate textile art. We have the greatest variety in choice of color, textures, and materials - and the subjects are endless. Through rug hooking, your work can express who you are: your views, your likes, dislikes. My goal as a teacher is to bring out those unique expressions in each of you. This is why I love teaching.

When I started hooking rugs I had no idea how my textile and design training would lend itself to my art. Now I realize how it all works together: Color is color whether you are creating a wedding and bridesmaid line or color planning your rug.

Everyone learns differently: Some are hands-on learners, some are visual learners -but everyone enjoys handouts to refer to after our class is over and appreciates what they learn from the hands-on mini project in class that reinforces the lessons.

Come join me and we will learn tricks I have picked up along the way. You will learn to sew your hooked item into purses and figures.

You may pick between my "Spices", "Coffee", "The Old Home Place", Pumpkin Pie or "dub it to death" patterns on linen, or one of your own patterns. Photos available on request or on my website: www.onerugtworug.com

For the last 17+ years Carrie has been immersed in rug hooking. She has completed countless rugs, attended countless workshops, has taken leadership roles in the two hooking guilds she belongs to, and has fulfilled the requirements of the McGown teachers training program.


Kris McDermet - Braid-Bowl, Chair Pad, or Table-mat Galore! - FULL

McDermetKrisBraidbowls.jpgI would like you to bring the following. It is much easier to learn all the necessary braiding and butting steps if you have small hooked pieces. I can get you started on a bigger piece during the evenings but it is best during class to learn on the small pieces so that the class can stay together. If you have taken braiding before you know that there are many steps. With the techniques I teach you, you will be able to add braid to any round, oval, or square cornered hooked piece and add braid inside of hooking. I have learned a new Butting technique, which joins the 6 raw ends of the braid together and will teach you-it is quite easy!!

Please bring all wool for braiding so that you can match it to your hooking. **It should be washed and dried and the thickness at least of Dorr dyed wool that has been washed and dried in the hot dryer. THIN wool does not braid well. ** If you bring your own wool you will save money rather than buying it from me. Please don't strip your wool until class. Wool for braiding can match your hooking or be complimentary. There are 3 strips of wool in each braid so that means 3 different colors. Each round hooked piece will have 3-4 braided rows and the square will have one braided row. It is better to bring too much wool to braid with! I would suggest ¼ yard of each color for each of the hooked pieces for each braided row. If you are hooking your shapes on one piece of backing there should be at least 2" of backing between the two hooked designs.

Please hook the following: These should be fairly fast to hook.

One 5-6 inch square or rectangle

One 6 inch circle with a 2-1/4 inch blank space/circle in the middle for a small 9 Loop Braided Center.

You can use the circle hooked piece to make a Braid-Bowl or it can be a Chair Pad, Table-mat or small rug. 3-4 rows of braid are added to make a Braid-Bowl or Chair pad, or table-mat. The lacing technique makes it into a functional bowl to hold small items for hooking or it can be left flat to make the chair pad or table-mat.

I will show you the following:


  • Straight braiding around a circle
  • Padding and backing your hooked piece
  • Sew and lacing on the first row of braiding to a hooked piece
  • Lacing on a second, third or more row(s), increasing/skipping for fullness
  • BUTTING-that is joining the 6 raw ends of the braid to make a perfect circle or oval
  • How to braid square corners around the square piece
  • How to braid and lace a decorative PICOT edge.
  • How to make a 9 Loop Braided Center.
  • Color Planning
  • Preparing the wool for braiding.
  • How to braid so it looks good on both sides
If you need extra light you should bring one. If you have any questions you should call or email me. Home # 802 254-3555 or cell 802 579-9002, if you would like to see more pictures of Combination Rugs, check out www.krismcdermetrugs.com


Julie Marie Smith - Big, Bold and Beautiful - 1 OPENING HAS BECOME AVAILABLE!

BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL can be adapted to just about anyone's style and ideas. The size can be anything from a foot square to a much larger piece. Big implies larger than life or larger on the canvas or larger than it's surroundings. Bold can be out of the box, outrageous, bright...something that surprises, something saucy! Even the quietest person can think of something BOLD, for her! Beautiful is about color... your version of lovely color, be it in brighter Chroma or softer. Anything goes! Your Style! Your cut! Your ideas! Your size! (Not too large, I hope. Let's stop at 3' by 5'.) What is your idea of Big, Bold, and Beautiful? Look at art, look at magazines, look and think!

Jule Marie has been hooking for over 30 years and have been teaching for 25, in the US, Canada and England. I have been in Celebrations and my work has been published in several books. I am primarily a colorist. My own work is original and I love supporting independent spirits!

October 17 - 19

Diane Burgess - Learning to Hook Rugs

DSC00005.JPGLearn to hook rugs at the Hooked in the Mountains Rug Show XVII where you will spend three days surrounded by rugs, rug artists, and wool. Learn all the basics as well as the types of rugs, hooking techniques, cuts of wool, backings, color planning, finishing options, tools and materials. Visit the vendors and learn what is available to rug hookers. Become inspired by the beautiful rug show! If you have rug hooking supplies, bring them. Otherwise, all materials will be available for your practice and purchase. No prior preparation necessary. This workshop is designed for those with no experience hooking rugs. Upon registration, Diane will send you a letter of what to expect and what you might bring.

Diane has been a member of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild for fifteen years. For the past fourteen years she has been teaching traditional beginner and intermediate rug hooking classes as well as wool dyeing workshops throughout Vermont. She will be returning for her eighth year in 2014 to the Hooked in the Mountains Rug Show XVII as the "Learning to Hook Rugs" teacher. In November 2013 she completed her certification as an "Oxford Punch Needle Rug Hooking Teacher". She has always been fascinated with fiber arts and was a quilter for fifteen years before a friend introduced her to rug hooking. She has never looked back. Diane's passion for rug hooking is contagious in her very well organized, informational, and detailed hands-on classes.

Gail Dufresne - The Sky is the Limit

dufrensegail9.jpgGail rarely leaves any of her work "flat" anymore but prefers three dimensional works, using all sorts of materials and techniques to achieve her desired effect. In this class, students can explore the use of fabric other than wool such as but not limited to sari silk, yarns, and found objects...the sky is the limit. Techniques such as quilling, beading, sculpting, trapunto and prodding will be demonstrated. Students will explore the possibilities of how these materials can be used to create an unusual finished piece. Gail's website: http://www.goathilldesigns.com




Angela Foote - Jumping Off The Color Wheel

footeangela5.jpgWant to learn to make friends with the color wheel? Have fun planning and choosing colors for your rug. Create dramatic color contrasts in your rugs! Break some color rules! Gain confidence in your color choices! Then this class is for you.

We will be comparing and contrasting dark verses light backgrounds. Learning how to use complementary hues to create that "POP" of color. Use your favorite hues in new ways. Have fun creating rugs. Try some yarns and sparkles. You can start one of Angela's patterns, create an original, use a commercial pattern or bring one that you are having problems with.

Students are contacted prior to class to discuss rug patterns, custom designs, color choices and any other hooking needs. Wools can be custom dyed for your project or as an addition to your wool stash. Angela travels with a large assortment of beautiful dyed wools.

These technique will work for all rugs (from fine shaded to wide cut), all our welcome!

Angela is a passionate creative rug hooker who loves to work with color. She is a former educator well known for her beautifully dyed wools. Whether over the dye pot, teaching classes, lecturing on color, or creating in her studio, Angela's 30 years of experience is evident in her works of art. She is a certified McGown teacher, member of 3 ATHA guilds, and enjoys hooking in both fine shading and primitive. She has regular classes in her studio, teaches at guild meetings and workshops. FABRICFOOTE is her hooking and dyeing business. Her tortoise is part the EYE SEE YOU II project seen in Rug Hooking Magazine. Goggle Riverslea Farm NH Chronicle and see an interview with Angela. Visit Fabricfoote Rug Studio on Facebook! Hope to see you in a workshop.

Kris Miller - The Grand Finale-Finishing Techniques For Rug Hookers - CANCELLED

MillerKrisHaveYeAnyWool.JPGHow many unbound or unfinished projects do you have stacked up? Bring them to class and finally get them done! Kris will teach you at least 5 different rug finishes (whipping with yarn, whipping with yarn and attaching the twill tape simultaneously, wool binding with cording, crochet edge with wool strips, herringbone stitch). We will also work on how to sew a pillow together, and learn a fun and easy way to put proddy fringe on a pillow. Bring at least 3 unfinished projects to class. Kris will have binding materials and supplies available for purchase in class.

Kris specializes in primitive designs with an emphasis on textured wool and wide cuts (#8 and above). Roving, sheep curls, paisleys, and novelty yarns are also some of Kris' favorite hooking materials. She is the owner of Spruce Ridge Studios, featuring original rug hooking patterns and supplies. Kris has won many awards and ribbons for her rugs including her county fair, the Michigan State Fair, Sauder Village, and three honorable mentions in A Celebration Of Hand-Hooked Rugs XIII, XVI, and XXII. Her original designs have also been featured as pattern inserts in Rug Hooking Magazine and the books Projects For Primitive Rug Hookers, Pattern Designs for Rug Hookers, and Finishing Hooked Rugs. She served as a judge for the 2008 edition of A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XVIII and was selected in 2012 and 2013 as an artist in Early American Life's Directory of Traditional American Crafts. She has taught at many rug camps across the United States and in England. Kris lives in Howell, Michigan with her husband and an assortment of fiber animals. Website: http://www.spruceridgestudios.com


1-Day Workshops

October 17

Robin Blakney-Carlson - Felting 101, An Introduction to the Magic of Felting - CANCELLED

Felting101student.JPGThis workshop is a fun introduction to the basics of traditional wet felting: the foundation technique for felt makers. Working with a beautiful palette of dyed merino wool fiber, we will cover the fundamentals: fiber layout, wetting down, felting, and fulling, as you create a small flat felt. You might want to stitch your finished piece to a pillow top, or use it as a table mat.

We will also cover differences in fibers, how to choose the right wool for your project, and what characterizes the elusive "good felt" (i.e. technically excellent.)

The materials fee is $18 which will include a generous amount of assorted wool fibers, fabrics and and exotic fibers (various forms silk fibers, linen, hemp, angora locks, wool locks, banana fiber, nepps, etc) for each student to use in class and/or take home unused portions. I also provide beads, palliettes, embroidery threads and needles: all equipment and supplies. As studios are open late, students have an opportunity to make additional pieces.

There will be additional materials available for purchase- hand dyed wool and fabrics, embellishments.

Experience the magic in transforming fiber to felt!

Students should wear comfortable shoes for standing and sleeves that can roll up out of the way. A waterproof or heavy cloth bib apron is helpful to keep your clothes dry. Please bring two hand towels.

Visit her website: www.luckystonestudio.com

Rae Harrell - Untangle Zentangle - FULL

"Zentangle is an empowering and uplifting experience to learn that you can relax and intentionally direct your attention while creating beautiful works of art". Using this method has a way of increasing your ability to connect with your creative genius and expressing yourself effortlessly.

We will have a really fun day of learning how to use the principles of zentangle to create amazing and never before seen designs to incorporate into your hooking projects. Everyone is a genius and Rae will unlock how to use that genius with humor and exercises designed to "untangle" the zentangle. By the end of the day you will have achieved your very own masterpiece.

Rae is a free thinker and knows no boundaries in what can be done in hooking. As a teacher she is available to you on all levels of the creative process. Laughter and new possibilities are her tools. Visit her website: http://www.raeharrell.com

Nancy Jewett - Dyeing Demo - CANCELLED

This will be an interactive demonstration of a few dyeing techniques, covering basic abrash, spot dye & a dip dye method. You will learn how to manipulate fabric &water for different effects & a basic knowledge of how dye colors affect each other.

Nancy is the designer/owner of Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs in Brandon, VT. She learned to hook in the late 80's from her deceased mother in law, and then began hooking in earnest in 1999, starting her design business in 2002. Nancy is well known for her beautiful palette of hand dyed wools encompassing the full spectrum of the color wheel. She teaches dyeing & color planning and is in the process of earning her McGown Certification. She is a frequent contributor to Rug Hooking Magazine and has been The Region 1 Representative for ATHA since 2009. She is a juried member of the Brandon Artist Guild. Her website is: www.fluffpeachybeandesigns.com/

Louise Kulp - Beautiful, Bejeweled Hoop Art - Punch Needle Technique - CANCELLED

Kulp_hoop_art.jpgSkill level: All levels

The decorative arts of one medium can be a rich design source for the decorative arts of another-rug hooking, for example! In this one-day workshop we'll create our own small pieces of textile art inspired by the magnificent eggs that legendary artist-jeweler Fabergé made for the Russian Imperial family. Framed in a painted hoop and tied with a ribbon hanger, your very own Faberge egg will make a real statement!

We'll use luxurious yarns for the egg and punch directly into a wool fabric background (the perfect occasion to use that special piece of hand-dyed wool you've been saving, or buy a piece at the show to set your egg off beautifully). Pearly beads, tiny mirrors, and gold buttons will embellish. Louise will have several egg patterns to choose from, or design your own using a plain-egg template and lots of pictures for reference. If fancy is not your style, you may opt for a spare, minimalist design suited to a more modern décor.

No previous experience with punch needle rug hooking is necessary, as Louise will thoroughly explain and demonstrate the special techniques used to punch directly into wool fabric. Complete finishing instructions, including a nice, neat backing for your hoop, also will be taught, so you can Take Home Art! Website: www.edenvillagerugs.com

Carrie Martin - Pumpkin Pie and Zipper Mouth - CANCELLED

MartinCarriezippermouth.jpgGreetings Everyone. Just to touch base with you before October to let you know my plans for the class. The patterns will all be drawn on unbleached primitive linen.

In your kit will be: Pattern on linen, a variety of pumpkin colors, zipper (for mouth), buttons (for eyes and teeth), stem material, thread, needles, and instructions.

The only thing you will need to bring is your hooking supplies, fiber fill, this can be an old pillow, an old stuffed animal, plastic bags, clean shredded rags. The piece is suitable to be hooked in a #6, 7, and 8 or above cut--- I have put my pumpkin head on a vintage mill spools that I picked up at antique stores or eBay. The cost of the pumpkin kit is $60.00.

What would be ideal is for you to start the hooking now so it is complete when you arrive in class. I will ship your kits to you. Then in class you can start your sewing assembling in class, and possibly go home with a finished project.

What I plan to cover is sewing hooked items together, "Tricks from a seamstress" that will make putting together future bags, dolls easy. I'm glad you have the option to teach you some of my assembling tips, and I look forward to seeing you at Hooked in the Mountains Workshop 2014.

You may contact Carrie at mail-to:mart3285@bellsouth.net, 985-893-3285, and website: www.onerugtworug.com

Kris McDermet - 9 Loop Braided Center Pin or Insert Into Hooking

McDermetKriscenter.jpgSkill Level: No rug braiding experience necessary

Learn how to quickly braid a fairly simple 9 Loop Braided Center to be used as a pin, or inserted into hooking as a design element. The Center is 2 ½ inches round. Students will have color choice in the wool and be able to make 2 centers during the workshop. Instruction in how to insert the 9 Loop Center into a hooked piece

Kit Fee: $10

Kit Description:
Poster board patterns
Detailed instructions
Pin backs and/or embellishments
Wool for Two 9 Loop Braided Centers
Safety Pins and Darning Needle
List of What Students Need to Bring to the Workshop:

Small sharp scissors for fabric and scissors for cutting out paper patterns

Hand sewing needles Website: www.krismcdermetrugs.com


October 18

Diane Phillips - A Dog Portrait in a Day - FULL

What love and joy we receive from our canine friends! We also love to hook rugs. What could be better than immortalizing our dogs in a wool portrait? With a manageable 15" x 18" format and carefully drawn pattern, it is possible to complete all the features and make good progress on the fir in one day. We will work on expression and glint in the dog's eyes, a glistening nose, a hint of whiskers, and an expressive mouth. We'll discuss how to hook short and long hair directionally for the best effect. When you leave the classroom, you will have completed the more challenging components of the portrait and have a good comfort level for completing the rest.

Over the years I have done a number of dog portrait workshops and have a nice portfolio of realistic but manageable patterns that can be completed with mostly #6 to #8 cut strips. Because we only have one day, a clear, well-drawn pattern is crucial. Below is a list of the dogs available. If your favorite dog is not on the list, a simple adaptation can probably be made to an existing pattern. Special requests might be accommodated if you register early enough.

A price of $75 will include a pattern drawn on linen and wool to complete your dog that you can choose yourself during the workshop. I have collected an array of wools that will do any dog proudly. White dogs need at least three different whites, plus a few tiny hints of other colors such a grey, taupe, gold, or other pastels. Black dogs work wonderfully with several shades of black plus tiny bits of dark, dark greens, blues, and purples. Oh, what we can do with gold and red dogs or tri- color beasties! There will be plenty of choices, including some wonderful marbleized wool to further lend interest to your rug. Piles of textures will be available for your choices as well as specialty wools, such as those, which simulate whiskers.

Your dog's head and partial chest will take up most of the linen, so backgrounds will be minimal. Because our dogs will be lively, our backgrounds will probably be best done in solid color or gently spot dyes. Colors such as turquoise, blue, purple, and red work well with dog colors. We will plan your background color in the last part of the workshop.

Come and hook Woman's Best Friend in beautiful Vermont with a gorgeous rug show to inspire you. With every dog comes a story, so we will have a warm and interesting workshop.

Dog Patterns Available:

Golden Retriever, Bernese Mt. Dog, Springer Spaniel, Chihuahua, West Highland Terrier, Rat Terrier, Shitzu, Pug, Sheltie, Leonburger, Labrador Retriever, Boston Terrier, King Cavalier Spaniel. Border Collie

For the last 18 years, Diane has been passionate about creating hand-hooked art. Her favorite motifs are portraits of women and dogs. In recent years I have been playing with unusual touches of color, slipped in where the logical mind says they shouldn't be. A touch of the surreal in realistic places keeps us staring at paintings in galleries and art books - the mysterious attraction holds our attention. She believes rugs deserve this spark of magic also.

Recently Diane has been attracted to unusual groupings of hooked pieces. That includes motifs that would not normally be used together but surprisingly enhance each other well. She loves to mix motifs of living things with organic shapes and experimental color palettes. The effect creates unique rugs.

Diane has taught in many venues in the US (including Maui), Canada and Great Britain. The Green Mountain Guild and Sauder Village have both honored her with "Featured Artist" exhibits. She directed the "Hooked in the Mountains" workshops for the Green Mountain Guild for eight years. She is looking forward to returning to Vermont this year to teach.

Her husband, Bruce Toder, live in Fairport, NY, a suburb of Rochester. They also have a small cottage in Monkton. VT and love to spend time there in the summer and fall. They share their spaces with four Chihuahuas who like to sleep on a rug frame as she hooks or curl up in all the wool in the studio!


October 19

Cyndy Duade - Hooking Colorful Leaves


Join Cyndy for a class, which focuses on methods for hooking leaf motifs. The class will explore hooking methods for wide and narrow cuts to create a colorful and dimensional look to hooked leaves. Discussions will include hooking with casserole dyes, contour shading, using highlights and shadows, and some more traditional methods. A small kit will include pattern and class materials. Wool purchases are additional. Kit price is $30.00 for pattern and wool.  The leaves may be made into pins.

Cyndy Duade lives and teaches in the New London, NH area. She is a McGown Certified Instructor and happily embraces all styles and cuts. She has been hooking for 20 years. Cyndy's rugs have appeared in Rug Hooking Magazine's Celebrations two times, and was one of the artist to hook a piece for the "Eye See You II" project.


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